ImagineFX số 178 – Tháng 10 năm 2019

Quyển mới nhất trong bộ tạp chí số 1 về Vẽ Kỹ Thuật số ImagineFX

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ImagineFX số 178 – Tháng 10 năm 2019
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Your art


You submit your work to us and we then show your gorgeous art to the world!

News and events

William Blake exhibition

Truly original and a significant influence on fantasy art, the English artist is being celebrated with a major show in London.

Artist in Residence

Sam Flegal’s studio features a delightful collection of oddities and collectables.


Interview: Timothy Von Rueden

The US illustrator describes the eternal conflict between creating art that means something and art that makes money.

Sketchbook: Finnian MacManus

Explore this artist’s mix of VR sculpts, gouache studies and digital sketches.

Interview: Nivanh Chanthara

Find out how life as an underground street artist helped the Frenchman build a career as a blockbuster concept artist.




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Learn new drawing techniques

Master artist Kim Jung Gi reveals how he projects himself into his imagination and visualises a complex composition, before bringing it to life.

Core Skills: Krita

In the first instalment of her series on using Krita, Sara Tepes shows how she tidies up her imported pencil sketches.

Quick digital sketching skills

Is it possible to design and illustrate a fantasy beast in about an hour? Monika Zagrobelna certainly thinks so!

Get more out of ArtRage

Steve Goad helps to streamline your ArtRage painting process, while putting the program’s layer effects and natural brush engine to good use.

Traditional Artist

Traditional art FXPosé

Explore this month’s selection of the finest traditional art, sent in by you!

Workshop:Create new effects in mixed media

Kelly McKernan shares her multi-layered process for creating a stylised portrait.

Core Skills: Pencil art skills

Timothy Von Rueden launches a new series aimed at helping you to improve your pencil art and approach to drawing.

First Impressions: Travis Louie

This US illustrator and author adopts a pragmatic outlook to his career…

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