60 minutes to better Painting

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60 Minutes to Better Painting

Tác giả: Craig Nelson
Thể loại:
 Hội hoạ
Ngôn ngữ: tiếng Anh
Định dạng: true PDF
Dung lượng: 28,6 MB

Download:  60 Minutes to Better Painting by Craig Nelson


chapter 1 – Why Do Quick Paintings?
An overview of how to become a better painter in under an hour and the skills you will develop by practicing with quick paintings.

chapter 2 – The Quick Painting Process
Learn the supplies and the thinking process needed to work in an abbreviated manner.

chapter 3 – Editing
Find the essence of your subject or scene and learn to simplify it into a coherent composition.

chapter 4 – Build Brush Confidence
Different brushes produce various effects on the canvas.
Being bold makes all the difference.

chapter 5 – Exploring Various Subjects
Stretch your skills and learn tips on painting still lifes, landscapes, water, animals, the figure and more.

chapter 6 – Exploring Various Compositions
The composition or design is the first element of a painting to catch the viewer’s eye.

chapter 7 – Color
Color is the main consideration for many painters; the possibilities are limitless.

chapter 8 – Creating Light Effects
The lighting of any subject helps to create the mood of the painting.

chapter 9 – Finishing a Painting
Analyze your studies and develop them into completed paintings.

Chapter 10 – Recreation and Practice
Enjoy your studies through fun-filled practice.

Chapter 11 – Conclusion—What Is Important to You?
Determine your own voice for each painting by discovering what is important to you.

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