Anatomy Essentials

Tạm dịch là “kiến thức cần thiết về cơ thể học”, là số đặc biệt của tạp chí ImagineFX ra ngày 24 tháng 6 năm 2019 chuyên đề về cầu trúc cơ thể

Sách có định dạng digital PDF chuyên dành đọc trên màn hình các thiết bị kỹ thuật số.

anatomy essentials – ngày 24 tháng 6 năm 2019
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Drawing anatomy

Creating basic forms
Learn to draw the body’s shapes

Light and form sketching
I low to render light and shadow

Get better at figure drawing
Turn realistic drawings into fantasy

How to draw imagined figures
Create figures from your imagination

Compose multiple figures in a scene
lell a story with your figurative drawing

Draw the torso
I low to draw the body’s core structure

Drawing the legs
Master the limbs that power the body

Drawing feet
How to render solid-looking feet

Drawing the shoulder and upper arm
Master the body’s most complex area

Drawing the forearms
Draw tlte body’s more sophisticated area

Drawing the hands
A complicated area of the body, made easy

Drawing the head
Break the skull down into simple forms

Take an anatomy masterclass
Focus on the ‘icons’ of basic rendering

Muscle anatomy

Shoulder structure
Decipher and draw the body’s tricky forms

Drawing and posing the back
I low to see the back in simple forms

Draw curvy strong hips
Master the female and male structure

Drawing the wrist in motion
Get under the skin of this trick body pan

Movement anatomy

Drawing gesture and motion
The skill to drawing dynamic figures

Drawing the body in motion
Make your figures move with realism

Animal anatomy

Basic forms
See the shapes beneath the skin

The animal torso
Discover how the core of the animal works

The hind legs
Learn how animals move and draw it

The forelegs
Build the pillars of balance in your animals

Necks and heads
Master the traits all animals share

Animal faces
Draw the expressions in animal faces

Digital art

The art of drawing: The theory
The basics of sketching explained

The art of drawing: In practice
Put your sketching knowledge into action

Strike a pose
learn to draw exaggerated anatomy poses

Mix digital and traditional art
The pros and cons of different mediums

Paint a faun using mixed media
I low to mix digital and traditional skills

Convey the feel of natural media
Get a traditional look in Photoshop

The secret to painting skin
Master painting skin tones digitally

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