Cảnh cầu tre ở Củ Chi đã lên sách

Trên bước đường chuyên nghiệp hóa hội họa kỹ thuật số trên iPad, mình đã thử đóng cuốn thủ thuật vẽ tranh phong cảnh trên ứng dụng Procreate.

Sách bao gồm trọn bài thủ thuật vẽ cảnh chiếc cầu tre củ kỷ ở Củ Chi đã từng đăng ở bài trước thư mục Procreate. Không chỉ là một bài thủ thuật vẽ tranh phong cảnh, còn bổ sung thêm các thủ thuật sử dụng iPad và Procreate với các hình minh họa vector và cả mục các câu hỏi thường gặp…

Bamboo bridge in cu chi

Thể loại: Vẽ kỹ thuật Phong cảnh
Tác giả
: Viet Chi Go
Định dạng: iBook (54 trang)
Dung lượng: 17.3 MB

Download:Bamboo bridge in Cu Chi



Chapter 1 – Getting Started

Read this chapter to know what we have to prepare for painting such as tools, devices, application, and more.

Chapter 2 – Walkthrough tutorial

Step 1 – Creating atmospheric perspective

In this tutorial you will learn how to use perspective guide in procreate. Furthermore, you will learn how to draw a straight line along perspective guide in a Perspective Assisted layer

Step 2 – Sketch it out

In this tutorial you will learn to sketch loosely with ink brush based on perspective lines.

Step 3 – Building swatch palette

In this tutorial you will be introduced the color popover in procreate and learn how to build the swatch palette for blocking in foreground and background shapes.

Step 4 – Foreground and Background 

Because the foreground and background items of the painting are very different from each other, it’s a good idea to divide these shapes into two layers for blocking in flat color more easily.

Step 5 – Color underpainting

In this tutorial you will be introduced ColorDrop tool in Procreate and how to block in underpainting color to main shapes.

Step 6 – Light and Shadow

In this tutorial you will be introduced Alpha Lock and converting shapes to form by adding some proper shades.

Step 7 – Leaves

In this tutorial you will learn to use options for cut, copy and paste and transform tool to depict leaves in the simplest way.

Step 8 – Highlights

In this tutorial you will learn how to use HSB tool to adjust color properties of leaves and add highlights to the artwork.
Highlights are accent color. It is usually the most interesting part of painting. Adding highlights will make the painting more contrasting and attractive.

Step 9 – Finishing touches

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Gaussian Blur tool to create depth-of-field effects.
Take time over the overall painting, foreground grass, texture of the tree and shadow of bridge on the water surface.

Chapter 3 – Quick Study

  • Fix mistakes
  • Holding your pencil
  • Painting at an angle of 20o
  • Palm support
  • Leave pencil in safety
  • The Procreate interface
  • Procreate’s Gestures
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 4 – About the Author

  • Some of my sketches
  • Some of my oil paintings
  • Some of my paintings on iPad

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