Dramatic Color in the Landscape

Tựa đầy đủ của sách là Dramatic Color in the Landscape – Painting Land and Light in Oil and Pastel tạm dịch Màu sắc kịch tính trong tranh phong cảnh – Vẽ đất và ánh sáng trong sơn dầu và phấn tiên

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Dramatic Color in the Landscape – Painting Land and Light in Oil and Pastel
Thể loại: Vẽ phong cảnh bằng sơn dầu và phấn tiên
Người biên tập: Brian Keeler
Ngôn ngữ: tiếng Anh
Định dạng: EPUBS
Dung lượng: 17 MB
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Special Offers
Supplies You Need
Materials for the Landscape Artist

getting better acquainted with color

Color Terms to Know
Basic Color Schemes
Types of Color Harmony

making color dramatic

Considering Color Temperature
Embracing High-Chroma Color
Chromatic Expression
Fractured Color
Intuitive Color
Arranging and Pushing Values
Farmland: Working in High-Chroma Color
Gorge Waterfall: Developing a Warm Color Scheme
Vineyard Sunset: Glazing for Luminosity

expressing through composition & format

Exploring Format Possibilities
Composition Strategies for Creating Dynamic Movement
Ensuring Dynamic Points of Interest
Rocky Landscape: Composing in a Square Format
Neighborhood Street: Taking a Wider View
Coastal Townscape: Guiding the Viewer’s Eye

painting skies, clouds & light

What Will Your Sky Say?
Conveying the Clouds
Seeing and Stating the Light
Backlighting for Drama
Water Reflecting the Sky and Land
Night Skies
Moonlit Street: Maximizing a Cool Palette
Beach Sky: Trying a Scene in Two Different Mediums

conveying perspective

Perspective Terms to Know
Linear Perspective
Deciding the Eye Level
Analyzing Angles & Their Relationships
Aerial Perspective
Gaining New Inspiration From a Familiar Location
Seaside Sky: Keeping Clouds in Perspective
Cityscape: Perfecting Street Scene Perspective

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