ImagineFX september 2016

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ImagineFX september 2016

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Your art

8 Reader FXPosé
Including dragons, baby dragons, faeries, demon girls, zombies and more.

News and events

18 Winner takes all
Does this challenge signal a new age of art competitions?

26 Artist in residence
Despite his demonic art, Jim Pavelec’s studio isn’t hellish.

Your questions

32 Artist Q&A

Core art advice on perspective, blending modes, textures, watercolours, and much more.


40 The art of Doom

We talk to the concept artists who revisited the original FPS for 2016’s next-gen version.

50 Studio profile

Find out why Atomhawk is keen to develop its artists.

54 Sketchbook

Characters and detailed environments populate Jared Muralt’s sketchbook.

58 Scott Gustafson

There’s more to this artist than his fantastically detailed and nostalgic fairy tale images.


92 Software & hardware
95 Training
96 Books


3 Editor’s letter
6 Resources 24 Back issues
30 Letters 48 Subscriptions:US, UK & worldwide
78 Next month

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