ImagineFX số 176 – Tháng 8 năm 2019

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ImagineFX số 176 – Tháng 8 năm 2019
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You submit your work to us and we then show your gorgeous art to the world!

News and events

Alternatives to Photoshop

Can’t afford Adobe’s behemoth? We round up the best low-cost art programs.

Artist in Residence

Children’s book illustrator Christine Kornacki has assembled a colourful oasis for the perfect work-life balance.


Interview: JAW Cooper

Life, death, magic and Rupert the perverted chinchilla: we step into the British-born artist’s alternate reality.

Sketchbook: Chase Curtis

Robots of all shapes of sizes – together with the odd alien creature – fill the pages of this vis-dev artist’s sketchbook.

Interview: Bastien Lecouffe Deharme

We get up close and philosophical with the French illustrator who lives by his own “personal code”.




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Mix traditional and digital tools

There are many ways to use traditional techniques to enhance your digital artwork, as Chantal Horeis explains.

Use text tools in Procreate

Animation art director Max Ulichney designs a children’s picture book cover while making full use of Procreate’s brand new text tools.

Bring a fantasy character to life

Fatemeh Haghnejad quickly sketches a young faun on paper, before using Procreate to further develop the idea.

Traditional Artist

Traditional art FXPosé

Explore this month’s selection of the finest traditional art, sent in by you!

Workshop: Abstract mark-making skills

Vanessa Lemen uses abstract mark-making to conjure macro fantastical worlds within her imaginative realism artworks.

Workshop: Paint with pencil and acrylic

Tran Nguyen elaborates on the steps she takes when creating an original work of fantasy art for an exhibition.

First Impressions: Mong Sang

We speak to the South Korean artist whose striking character work primarily has to resonate from within.

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