Meggs’ History of Graphic Design 5th Edition

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Meggs’ History of Graphic Design
English | Design | Philip B Meggs | 623 trang | PDF  | 158,8 MB

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VI Preface
VIII Preface to the First Edition
X Acknowledgments

Part I The Prologue to Graphic Design
The visual message from prehistory through the medieval era

01. The Invention of Writing
02. Alphabets
03. he Asian Contribution
04. Illuminated Manuscripts

Part II A Graphic Renaissance
The origins of European typography and design for printing

05. Printing Comes to Europe
06. The German Illustrated Book
07. Renaissance Graphic Design
08. An Epoch of Typographic Genius

Part III The Bridge to the Twentieth Century
The Industrial Revolution: The impact of industrial technology upon visual communications

09. Graphic Design and the Industrial Revolution
10. The Arts and Crafts Movement and Its Heritage
11. Art Nouveau
12. The Genesis of Twentieth-Century Design

Part IV The Modernist Era
Graphic design in the first half of the twentieth century

What Will Your Sky Say?
Conveying the Clouds
Seeing and Stating the Light
Backlighting for Drama
Water Reflecting the Sky and Land
Night Skies
Moonlit Street: Maximizing a Cool Palette
Beach Sky: Trying a Scene in Two Different Mediums

Part V The Age of Information
Graphic design in the global village

18. The International Typographic Style
19. The New York School
20. Corporate Identity and Visual Systems
21. The Conceptual Image
22. Postmodern Design
23. National Visions within a Global Dialogue
24. The Digital Revolution—and Beyond

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