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Sách đẹp, trình bày chuyên nghiệp về các kinh nghiệm kết hợp các chất liệu hội hoạ tạo phong cách riêng từ các hoạ sĩ danh tiếng.

Thể loại: Sách hội hoạ
Tác giả: Carmen Torbus
Ngôn ngữ: tiếng Anh
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Section One

The Artist’s Toolbox

Something to Make Your Mark With
Worksheet: What’s on YOUR Palette?
Texture Makers
Something to Make Your Mark On
Other Creative Paraphernalia

Section Two

Discovering Technique

Signature Artist: Leah Piken Kolidas

  • Technique: Draw With Your Eyes Closed
  • Technique: Develop an Ink Blot

Worksheet: Master Word List
Signature Artist: Lynne Hoppe

  • Technique: Draw With Your Nondominant Hand

Signature Artist: Shari Beaubien

  • Technique: Texturize a Background With Gesso and Gel Medium
  • Technique: Transfer an Image With Gel Medium

Signature Artist: Jessica Swift

  • Technique: Print With Hand Carved Blocks

Signature Artist: Bridgette Guerzon Mills

  • Technique: Transfer an Image Onto Wax
  • Technique: Seal and Embellish With Wax

Signature Artist: Karin Bartimole

  • Technique: Reveal Layers With Rubbing Alcohol
  • Technique: Lay It On Thick With Spackle

Signature Artist: Carmen Torbus

  • Technique: Create a Crackled Appearance
  • Technique: Try Out Various Backgrounds

Signature Artist: Mystele Kirkeeng
Signature Artist: Manon Doyle

  • Technique: Use Molding Paste With Texture Tools

Signature Artist: Christine Mason Miller
Signature Artist: Roben-Marie Smith

  • Technique: Collage

Signature Artist: Mary Ann Wakeley
Signature Artist: Julie Prichard

  • Technique: Work With Artist’s Crayons

Signature Artist: Jenn McGlon

  • Technique: Play With Polymer Clay

Signature Artist: Aimee Dolich

  • Technique: Hand Lettering

Section Three

Defining Your Style

Putting Yourself Into Your Art
Worksheet: Skill Inventory
Facing Your Fears
Embracing Imperfection
Silencing Your Inner Critic
Signature Artist: Rowena Murillo

Meet the Artists
About the Author
Resources and Further Inspiration Index







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